Virus & Malware Removal Services

As a Malwarebytes Authorized Partner and Sophos Authorized Partner, you’ve come to the right place for virus & malware cleanup services.

If your PC is running slow, acting bizarre, or if you’re being flooded with pop-up’s, call us at (502) 565-1900 for prompt, professional help. Our employees receive regular training on evolving threats and hold industry certifications.

We provide virus removal and cleanup service on-site and at our Prospect office.

For severe infections including rootkits and ransomware, our IT Security Specialist, Steve Richardson, is highly experienced. 

Sophos Authorized Partner
Malwarebytes Authorized Partner

The State of Malicious Software

Malicious software, including viruses, trojans, and rootkits are proliferating.  As such, consumers and businesses alike are encountering disruption, downtime, and data breaches. Not to mention, the extortion racket known as ransomware is a threat to everyone online.

Virus and malware infections may slow your computer.  Malware infection may also cause instability, crashes, pop-up ads, and other bizarre behavior.

If you suspect virus or malware infection, it’s vital to contact us immediately at (502) 565-1900.  Some infections disable anti-virus software and protections built-in to Windows.  In fact, they contain “droppers” which continue to download, or “drop”, new, malicious payloads onto your PC.

Don’t risk business or financial data compromise.

Moreover, don’t risk infecting other devices, especially on a company network.  Sadly, data breaches have become the new normal, for both consumers and business.

Virus, Malware, & Trojan Removal Service

Our virus cleanup service includes removal of malware, virus(es), Trojans, and other unwanted applications such as Adware.  We remove advanced threats such as Trojan Droppers and Rootkits which frequently lead to ransomware.

Most PC’s we examine have potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) installed.  These help open the door to malware infections.

To help prevent a recurrence, we’ll ensure your anti-virus is up-to date.  Finally, we’ll review your computer security settings and educate you on cybersecurity risks.

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Computer virus and malware infections cost US consumers and businesses millions each year.

Act – Be proactive, be part of the solution.

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