Solid State Drive Upgrade

Solid state drive upgrades bring new life to older systems.  Solid state is significantly faster.  In fact, solid state drive’s (SSD’s) are 15 to 45 x’s faster than traditional, mechanical hard drives.

Mechanical hard drives are not only slower, but fail over time with a mechanical spinning disc.  Whereas, SSD’s have no moving parts.

If your system is about 3 years or older, it’s a perfect candidate for a solid state drive upgrade.  Really, any laptop or desktop computer with a mechanical hard drive will benefit with speed & reliability.

The speed increase is a night and day difference.  As a result, users are more productive on systems upgraded to solid state drives.  No waiting for Outlook or any application to load!

Solid State Benefits

  • Reliable – low failure rate
  • Increased durability with no moving parts
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced heat
  • Fast, extremely fast
  • Quieter, since no moving parts

You get to keep your data too!  Provided your hard drive is in good health, your data will transfer to the solid state.

Our solid state upgrade service includes cloning all files from your old drive onto your new solid state drive.

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SSD Installation

Our 1 Year Solid State Guarantee

All solid state drives are backed by a 3 to 5 year limited manufacturers warranty.  However, we do one better: We provide our own 1-year solid state guarantee!

If your solid state drive fails from defect within the 1st year, we’ll replace it at no cost.

Solid state drives we stock
  • PNY
  • PNY XLR8
  • Western Digital Blue
  • Western Digital Black
  • Crucial by Micron
PCI Express NVMe 4.0 Drives
  • Samsung 980 Pro
  • Western Digital Black 4.0

Both the Samsung 980 Pro and WD Black 4.0 rock incredible 7,000MB/s read times.

This is the single best upgrade which truly provides the best bang for the buck.

Take action, call to upgrade today, you’ll love the results!

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Samsung 980 Pro PCIe NVMe 4.0 Drive - market leader