Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair Services

Louisville Computer Repair provides prompt, professional laptop and desktop computer repairs.

We fix laptop and desktop PC’s, including ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, HP, MSI, Samsung, and Toshiba, as well as Mac’s at our East Louisville office in Prospect, KY.  Additionally, on-site repair services at your home or business are available.

We’re an authorized UPSIE warranty repair facility.

As a provider of professional IT services, we’re properly insured; this includes $4 million commercial general liability, $1 million professional technology errors & omissions, and $1 million cybersecurity, not to mention coverage for your computer equipment while in our safekeeping.

Our office is located at:

9509 US-42, Suite 204
Prospect, KY  40059
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We’re open Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm.  After-hours emergency repair service is also available.

Call or Text/SMS (502) 565-1900 

To expedite repairs, we stock frequently used components including solid state drives, memory, motherboards, processors, and ATX power supplies.  We only use OEM or high quality, OEM like components for our repairs.  Additionally, our computer repair professionals utilize a network of preferred vendors to source non-stock components in a timely manner.

We’re a locally owned small business and proudly stand behind our quality work.

ESD Protection Area for Computer Repair

Professional Repair ESD Protection Area

As a professional IT services company, our computer repair work is conducted in a specialized ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protection Area.  Our work area includes built-in protections from grounded flooring to sensitive electronic handling procedures.

Other protections include electrical safeguards, not to mention specialized quick access fire and safety gear for handling Lithium-Ion thermal events.

As such, we have the ability to safely handle damaged, defective, and recalled (DDR) Lithium-Ion batteries, which we recycle in partnership with Call2Recycle.

Laptop and Desktop Repair – Free Estimates

We provide free estimates by phone, call 502-565-1900.

On-Site Service Calls

Initial on-site service calls include 1-hour of diagnostic and repair services.  While we’re able to fix a variety of common problems on-site, it may be necessary to order replacement parts or take your computer into our shop for repairs.

Laptop Repair – Data Privacy & Protection

Your laptop/computer likely contains personal information.  As a provider of professional IT services, we have a duty to safeguard your data through use of industry best practice data security standards.

We maintain and follow an Information Security Policy to not only protect company data, but all data within our safekeeping.  Our policy includes strict non-disclosure, digital and physical security safeguards.

As IT professionals, one of our core values is promotion of data privacy and protection.

We take great pride in providing IT services to a variety of industries and professionals, including healthcare facilities and medical service providers.

Healthcare Providers & Facilities

We maintain and follow a documented Information Security Policy to ensure 3rd party HIPPA compliance.  This comprehensive policy establishes multiple layers of protection from employee background check requirements to chain of custody, handling procedures, protocols and safeguards, both digital and physical to protect sensitive data including PHI.

Our information security policy requires active threat hunting and a managed threat response to address any indicators of compromise.

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