Computer/Device Repair-Service Agreement


I, ___________________________, (Hereinafter “Client”) attest I either own property for which I am requesting repairs or have permission of property owner.  I further attest I’m of legal age and have legal authority to enter into agreements with respect to said property for service or repair (Hereinafter “Computer Device(s)”).

Client desires the professional services of Takeoff Speed Media, LLC, a Kentucky Limited Liability Company, doing business as Takeoff Business Solutions and Louisville Computer Repair (hereinafter “Takeoff Business Solutions”).   In consideration for Professional Services rendered, Repairs, and Parts/Goods sold by Takeoff Business Solutions, client agrees to compensate Takeoff Business Solutions for all invoiced amounts as they are due.  Takeoff Business Solutions reserves the right to place a ‘mechanics’ lien on Computer Device(s) until Client account and invoices are paid current.

Takeoff Business Solutions will perform and provide computer services, repairs, and upgrades, as requested by the Client.  Takeoff Business Solutions will conduct honest, reasonable, and considerate services.  Client understands and acknowledges our goal is to provide the highest quality of service and support, but specific results cannot be guaranteed.

As such, Client acknowledges and understands repairs may not always go as intended.  Client understands risks are involved with repair services, including potential risk of data loss.  Client understands they are ultimately responsible for data backup.

There may also be circumstances under which Client’s Computer Device(s) cannot be repaired and may require a rebuild or upgrade.  This may be the case with older Computer Device(s) where replacement parts are obsolete or in cases where the Computer Device(s) sustained significant damage.

Client authorizes Takeoff Business Solutions to install anti-virus software and any other necessary software on Computer Device(s) to perform required services.  Such software will be deleted and/or uninstalled upon competition of service, unless purchased.

Services are provided by Takeoff Business Solutions to fix, upgrade, or otherwise repair the Computer Device(s) for which client requests.  The primary goal is to fix Computer Device(s), not create further damage. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, accidental damage and/or loss of data to your system, or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as viruses, incorrectly configured software, or hardware failures, Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, release, and discharge Takeoff Business Solutions, its owners, officers, employees, agents, contractors, and assigns from any data loss, unforeseen circumstances, and all other liability.

This agreement, along with our published Service Terms & Conditions, will be deemed a contract under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Jurisdiction and venue for any claim arising out of this agreement shall be exclusively in the state courts located in Jefferson County, Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Each party to this agreement hereby expressly waives any right to trial by jury of any claim, demand or cause of action arising under this agreement.

All services will be conducted in a professional, reasonable, and timely manner, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical problems.  Our Service Terms & Conditions are hereby incorporated into this agreement.  Client duly acknowledges receipt and understanding of our Service Terms & Conditions.  Service Terms & Conditions are publicly available on our website at: LouisvilleComputer.Repair/terms-conditions/


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