Service Terms and Conditions

At the commencement of services, each computer repair service customer (Hereinafter “Client”) will be asked to sign our Computer/Device Repair Service Agreement.  The following service terms and conditions, hereby incorporated into our Computer/Device Repair Service Agreement by reference, apply to all repair services conducted by Takeoff Speed Media, LLC, a Kentucky Limited Liability Company, doing business as Louisville Computer Repair and Takeoff Business Solutions (Hereinafter “Company”).

The agreement, including these service terms and conditions, are deemed a contract made under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Jurisdiction and venue for any claim arising out of this agreement shall be exclusively in the state courts located in Jefferson County, Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Each party to this agreement hereby expressly waives any right to trial by jury of any claim, demand or cause of action arising under this agreement.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, accidental damage and/or loss of data to your system, or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as viruses, incorrectly configured software, or hardware failures, Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, release, and discharge Company, its owners, officers, employees, agents, contractors, and assigns from any data loss, unforeseen circumstances, and all other liability.


  1. Company will only perform and provide computer services, repairs, and upgrades as requested by the Client. Company will provide Client honest, reasonable, and considerate services. Company goal is to provide the highest quality of service and support; however, specific results cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Computer service and repairs, including but not limited to components, network devices, and “smart” devices, are provided as a service.
  3. There may be circumstances in which a Client’s computer cannot be repaired, such as age, significant damage, or lack of available replacement parts. Similarly, circumstances may arise where the cost of a repair is more expensive than replacement.
  4. If we cannot make a repair, or determine repair costs exceed replacement, pursuant to paragraph 1.3, Company technicians, staff, or management will provide you with solutions, such as suggested replacement devices or upgrades.
  5. It’s our goal to present you with solutions tailored to your computing needs and budget. As the Client, solutions offered are about you.  Our technical staff does not receive sales commission on replacements, upgrades, or products sold.
  6. Client is under no obligation to accept our suggestion of a replacement or upgrade.
  7. While Company focuses on prompt, quality service, the length of time required to service/repair your computer or devices cannot be predicted.  Product/component shipments may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Client understands that in the process of working on your computer equipment and/or devices, there is a potential for data loss. Client agrees they’ve made the necessary data backups.  Company will not be responsible for data loss. (See section 4.4 below)
  9. Client authorizes Company to install anti-virus and any other necessary software on Client computer to perform required services. All software will be deleted and/or uninstalled upon completion of the service (unless purchased).
  10. All remote repair services are subject to the terms in this agreement.
  11. If client is unable to pick-up or receive computer equipment and/or devices once service or repairs are complete, client may be subject storage fees. Property which remains unclaimed for an extended time or which is deemed abandoned may be sold or auctioned pursuant to the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


  1. Computer services and repairs are billed as stated on the service order or itemized invoice.
  2. All initial On-Site service calls during operating hours incur a fee of $159 for the first hour. On-Site service fees are payable when services are rendered.  If the problem is complex, requires parts, or otherwise cannot be completed on-site, our technician will complete a service order outlining estimated costs for the repair.
  3. We’ll commence repair work and/or services once Client approves service order.
  4. The minimum charge for on-site services is $159.00 or $129.00 for in-office repairs, plus sales tax, if applicable.
  5. An estimate of cost for work will be provided to Client before performing computer services and/or repairs. Estimates are not guaranteed.
  6. Not all services can be completed on-site and must be completed at our offices.
  7. In the case that there is an unforeseen deviation, beyond the above estimated amount, every effort will be made to contact you, inform you of the situation and receive authorization to continue or stop at the estimate limit.
  8. If Client cannot be reached, work will stop until contact is established. Once reached, Client decision to continue or stop will be honored by Company.
  9. All services/repairs may be subject to local sales tax.
  10. All remote repair services must be paid before commencement of work. If for any reason Client is unhappy or we cannot complete the service, a full or partial refund may be issued at Company discretion.


  1. For on-site service calls, payment is due at time of service.
  2. Full payment of any remaining balance is due upon completion of repairs, services, upgrades, or other work completed for client.
  3. Special order computer parts, hardware, and/or software must generally be paid in advance.
  4. Company accepts cash, checks (per acceptance policy), and major credit cards. Unless authorized by management, all credit card transactions must be EMV Chip Card Present.
  5. Check acceptance policy requires government issued photo identification (i.e. drivers license) and approval by our check acceptance vendor. We present all checks electronically and eChecks often clear the same day.  Dishonored checks are subject to fees and collections as permitted by state and federal law.
  6. To provide everyone with our best rates, Company requires prompt payment on all invoices.
  7. It’s established company policy to turn delinquent consumer accounts to an outside collection agency. Company or outside collection agency may report delinquent consumer accounts to consumer credit reporting agencies.
  8. Company may report past-due or delinquent business accounts to business credit bureaus including but not limited to Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business.
  9. Company reserves the right to turn delinquent accounts over to an attorney, in which case Company may be entitled to attorney fees and court costs incurred for debt recovery.


  1. Service(s) are provided to fix, upgrade, or otherwise repair the computer system(s) for which client or authorized representative requested such service(s).
  2. Company will never intentionally harm your equipment. Our primary goal is to fix your computer or systems, not create or cause further damage.
  3. In event of accidental damage of data to your system or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as viruses, misconfigured software, or hardware problems/failures, Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Company, its owners, officers, agents, employees, contractors, and assigns.
  4. It is Client’s responsibility to backup data prior to device repair. Company will not responsible for data loss.  (See Section 1.8 above)
  5. Company cannot guarantee or promise any specific outcome. During any type of repair there is always the risk of data loss or other unexpected outcomes.   Company will make its best effort to minimize risks and Client acknowledges unexpected outcomes may occur despite our best efforts.


  1. Customer satisfaction is our utmost importance.
  2. All services will be conducted in a professional, reasonable and timely manner, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical problems.
  3. Repair services are provided as-is, unless a warranty is specified on the service order.
  4. Client will receive an itemized invoice detailing specific repairs and services rendered.


  1. Some repairs and services may have a limited 7 (seven-day) guarantee, depending on the nature of the work. If applicable, information will be outlined on service order.


  1. Company offers free estimates over the phone, in office, and via e-mail, however estimates cannot be guaranteed as the problem may be more complex or caused by multiple factors.
  2. For in-home/on-site estimates there will be a $159.00 fee. The initial on-site fee includes one hour of IT services.
  3. A $159.00 fee will be charged if Client fails to show up at scheduled appointment without an eight (8) hour cancellation notice.
  4. A $159.00 fee will be charged if Client is a no-show for an on-site service call.
  5. After hours emergency services are available, after-hours fees begin at $279 in-office and $499 on-site. Emergency fees are due prior to commencement of services and must be paid by cash or credit.
  6. Customers are asked to not interrupt the technician as the initial evaluation is being completed. Please save all additional questions we provide you with an estimate.
  7. If Client does not want company to fix their computer or systems during a service call, Client will still be charged $159.00 for initial on-site service call.