Slow Internet Repair

Slow internet connections suck and are unreliable.  Furthermore, it’s difficult to be productive, stream video, or even enjoy a game.

Resolution Process

To resolve slow internet problems, we must first determine the problem.  Of course, it’s always easiest to blame your Internet Service Provider.  However, we must first rule out problems with your configuration and setup.

If we determine the problem is your setup, we’ll repair the problem.  For example, a misconfigured router or a damaged ethernet cable may degrade speeds.  Sometimes, we find a computer virus or a bad network card is the problem.

However, we frequently find Internet Service Providers are the culprit.

ISP Slow Internet Resolution

It’s our first-hand experience, the two primary internet service providers in this region often fall short in providing the speed you’re paying for.  It’s no secret either, Internet Service Providers have been investigated by state attorney general offices for their abysmal service.

For this reason, it’s important we rule out problems on your end.  If ruled out, we’ll then document problems associated with your internet service provider. For example, we’ll test your connection for a variety of issues including packet loss, jitter, and network latency.  Finally, we’ll compile a report.

Alas, our services don’t end here.

We believe consumers should receive what they’re paying for!

Next, we’ll put you in touch with the corporate office for your internet service provider.  We have high level, executive contacts for companies including AT&T and Charter (Spectrum) Communications.

We’ll assist you in communicating with your ISP to obtain a fix or an outcome that’s satisfactory.  Finally, we have other tools and resources in our toolbox, should they become necessary.

Call (502) 565-1900 to schedule an appointment.  We’re resourceful and get results!

Slow Internet?  Computer Crashing?  Unable to work?

Our technical guru’s will get you running at full speed!